PirateSnoop - Censhorship killed!

PirateSnoop is a bundle package of Iron Chrome with our special extensions and some custom configs that allows you to circumvent censorship in certain countries such as Iran, North Korea, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Ireland!

Download PirateSnoop

Download bundle using torrent Download extension for chrome
Latest version is 1.0alpha , released 2015 January 4th.
Please seed if you can after downloading! If you install into program files dont forget to run it as admin!


md5: 77f5426b9c728296d18c392c0648b367


How do i install PirateSnoop?

PirateSnoop installation is very easy. Just download the installer from the link above , run it and follow the on screen instructions.
Our extension will automaticly notify you when an update is available to download :)


How can i help?

You can help us by donating using bitcoin - 1PDs8ENmfWSfdfSx6MLFFa2tpm5rnkVHB7

Does it make me surf the net anonymously?

No, it's not inteneded to be a Full Browser, only specific domains go through our proxy anti-censhorship network.
Our proxy network is used to help route around the censoring / blocking of websites your government doesn't want you to know about.

Does this contain any viruses or trojans?

PirateSnoop is 100% ad/malware/trojan free. This is simply a tool to help people get around censorship.

Which domains are automaticly proxied by the extension?

rarbg.com thepiratebay.se kickass.so kickass.to 1337x.to isohunt.to extratorrent.cc yts.re h33t.to
After reading the questions posted on TF we are adding our answers to the faq

Why isnt the browser open source?

The browser is 100% open-source. There was nothing modified from the core except adding the pirate icon. Our extension is also open source located in the archive that you download


We can be contacted via bitmessage BM-2cWotVLeNftSbQ2xg9b9c16Po5togKVjYR or via irc efnet #piratesnoop - dont expect an instant reply , this is a free software.

For website owners

We know that previous tries of the same browser were used for massive abuse on sites so we made things very simple!
Keep in mind that headers cant be sent over https connection because of the security , so you might not see them if you dont downgrade the client connection.
Pseudo code to downgrade the connection :
if user_agent matches "PSnoop ([0-1]+)" && connection is https { downgrade to http }

How do i identify PirateSnoop?

Our browser automaticly sends a header X-Pirate-Snoop VERSION_NUMBER
You can also match for "PSNOOP" in the User-Agent

How do i get the real ip address due to abuse?

We are sending the real ip address of the user via X-Forwarded-For